What do we mean by 'Spirituality'?

Some people go all peculiar when we mention the term 'spirituality' imagining that it is all to do with ghosties and ghoulies, and things that go bump in the night.
It actually is a recognition of the fact that basically we are a non-physical energy, with identity, that is the guiding and motivating force behind our physical existence.
Some people call this our 'inner self' or 'inner mind', and it seems to have qualities beyond that which we experience as a material, solid being.

Today, most people accept this spirituality as a normal thing, and many are actively trying to achieve a spiritual existence, and develop their own spirituality awareness to a very high degree.
Really, this is not as necessary as we are being led to believe by endless 'patent' courses, books, methods and advertisements, because we are actually here on this physical plane of existence by our own choosing, and for the purpose of experience so that we may know as much of the physical reality as possible. We are bold and brave and can be seen as adventurers into a very precipitous reality, for this physical world is like a magnet that holds us to it and once we come here we are relatively reluctant to leave.

On another level of understanding beyond our normal comprehension, this information that we amass is shared by other consciousness' for the benefit of all. All that is necessary is to appreciate that we are much more than a physical body, and that 'more' holds the key to all the knowledge in existence, whether it be the physical world, the non-physical world, other dimensions of existence, other worlds, other universes or other realities - and there are many.

There are many explanations of our spirituality, some being almost scientific explaining it in terms of energy, electromagnetic energy fields, light and so on. Other explanations are being told to us by non-physical souls who have experienced both sides of life - the physical and the non-physical. That doesn't mean to say that through our spirituality we automatically know all there is to know, we don't. All of Life, of whatever form, is a learning curve, and we have to progress at our own pace and by our own intention, no matter whether it is here in this world or in another world, dimension or reality.

Non-physical souls speak of energy, love, light and colour - all of existence is described in those terms, and our job when seeking information about our own spirituality is to begin to see ourselves as an energy in space, a light that shines out for others to follow, thus becoming aware of their own spirituality. This is the only way forward.

Who Are We ?

We are more than what we see. Our true nature is far removed from our impressions of ourselves that are governed by our understanding of the physical world around us. We are an indestructible, eternal spirit-self existing within a material, physical frame (although many would describe it in reverse - that the physical frame exists within the spirit-self). The physical body is only to experience this particular world about us and life in the material phase, so that we may learn from our experiences, and thoroughly understand it within ourselves recorded as feelings and emotions - wisdom for all time.All our feelings and emotions are shared on a level just below our normal perception with all other consciousnesses, and eventually as a contribution to the experiences of All That Is, Prime Creator, Father, Father-Mother Principle, Prime Energy, or a host of other names that we interpret as our understanding of God. That which we perceive as God lives through each of us.

In much of this world today it has become fashionable to ignore the spirituality that we all possess, as we have become immersed in the adventure of materialism. Nevertheless we all have a side to us that is part of the subtle (unseen) consciousness that connects us all, not only to each other and every aspect of life, but to all other aspects of consciousness whatever form that may take.

What is the nature of Consciousness?

It is impossible to answer that in a few simple words. Psychologists and scientists have been struggling with this vexed question for decades.

Words are inadequate as they place limitations on the understanding. Consciousness cannot be described, because to use words would be to limit - to impose limitations. Consciousness is unlimited in its true and full sense.

Our experience here on the physical earth plane is an illusion - part of the hologram of existence, and we are here on earth to experience consciousness in the limiting plane of physical existence. This is only a very small part of it. It can only be described in words in this limited material plane form as it is perceived, and then only partly.

Truly consciousness is unlimited and so to try and explain it and understand it in the spiritual sense in its full unlimitedness is quite impossible by words of description and comparing it to the physical experience.

Consciousness comes first. All the manifestations of consciousness, such as form & physicality, come after.

Once the physical manifestations of consciousness are experienced and understood here, then we are ready to experience and perhaps understand more of it in the spirit world (non-physical reality) and beyond. There are many, many forms or states of consciousness, many dimensions and many realities, and many universes, and we may experience those as a further step in our spiritual evolution. The material is just the beginning - our beginning. (chanelled information)

About those ghosties and ghoulies

Whether we like it or not, we have to realise that there are many dimensions of existence and our time here on this world is only one of them. Each dimension of reality has its own occupants. In most cases when we leave this world through a transition to another state or dimension of being, we will become one of those occupants. They want us to know that they are there, that they are helping us in a non-physical way. They do not want us to be frightened, but they need us to know that they live, just as we live, and in a very similar way. They live, however, in a state of Love and caring that we do not, but rarely, experience in this war-torn, greedy, careless world of ours, and they want to show us their love. They want to show us how to love, and are trying to tell us that we will not move forward, both spiritually and physically, until we learn that form of love, both for ourselves and for others.

If you learn of these things and apply them into your own life, you will not be troubled by ghosties and ghoulies. They are born of fear, and fear is the opposite to love. Fear is negative and the children of fear are hatred, greed, strife, uncontrolled anger, possession, separation and violence.
Love is positive, embracing, cooperative, motivating, blissful and the only way we will, with integrity and brotherhood, achieve our true inheritance - that of life eternal.

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